Pullover Do’s and Don’ts

Just as every other fashion wear has their do’s and don’ts in the fashion industry, pullovers also have theirs. Hence, reading reviews about label fashion will, to a great extent, help you understand certain things that should and shouldn’t be done both in the preservation as well as wearing pullovers. Here are some of the things that you need to take note and do to ensure that you achieve the fashion statement goal while wearing the pullover:

Minimize hand washing or dry cleaning

You must wash or dry clean the pullover regularly or after one wear. The reason for this is to ensure the durability of the pullover and for it not to appear slack when worn.

Wash according to instruction labels

Another vital thing to take note of is the instructions written on the pullovers. Like other fabrics, you have to be conversant with the peculiarities attached to washing each pullover material.

Fold rather than hang.

Although it is possible to hang some pullover materials, it is important to fold them and keep in airtight containers temporarily. The reason for this is to ensure that the shoulders do not stretch irreversibly beyond repairs.

Wear an extra layer beneath the pullover and your skin

When you do not wear an extra layer beneath the pullover and your skin, the outfit appears cheap and doesn’t speak seriousness, especially in a semi-formal event.

Wash and store like materials of the pullover in the same place to avoid bleaching or buildup of moisture

Like other fabric, it is essential to wash, dry, and store like materials of the pullover in the same place.

Make use of baking soda, water and vinegar mixture in handwashing pullovers with unwanted odor

Over the years, this method is useful as it helps preserve the pullover and make unwanted odors go away.

To achieve the purpose of preserving the pullover as well as ensuring the perfect look for any event, the following are things that you should avoid by all means:

Do not go for itchy pullover materials.

Putting on itch pullover materials will not ensure comfortability, especially in a work environment. Therefore, you should avoid purchasing or even wearing them.

Don’t wear pullovers with zips unless it is a casual environment.

Most people make this mistake. It is wrong to wear pullovers with zips to official gatherings. It doesn’t command the professional sense needed in such events. It can, however, be more appropriate for casual events.

Don’t pull your loose threads.

Pulling loose ends of threads on your pullover will only worsen the case. You may, however, turn the thread inside out rather than cutting it off.

Don’t wear pullovers with French or double cufflinks.

Wearing pullovers with French or Double Cufflinks is not allowed. The reason for this is because it doesn’t give a professional look. However, you can wear pullovers with a bell cuff with the same round shape with the pullover.

The following are the benefits that you stand to gain if you adhere to the pullover do’s and don’ts explained above:

  • Creation of the perfect look
  • Durability sake
  • Enhancement of your confidence level
  • Comfortability