The different type of bags every woman must own

We often think that buying a good top and jeans will suffice to look fashionable but let’s be real, we often have to carry a lot of things along with us. If not anything, we definitely have to carry our wallet and phone. Carrying it in our hand becomes tumultuous and fashion world did a big injustice while designing pockets for women. For all these bags were invented in various shapes and sizes. It not only helps us in carrying things but also plays a pivotal role in forming a fashion statement. So here is a list of  few kinds of bags which every woman should definitely own.

all kinds of clothes

  1. Handbags: The famous actress Britt Ekland once said, “I’m very organised these days, and I keep my life in my handbag, like most women.” That’s the thing about handbags, they are spacious bags and can carry the world within them. They come in various shapes but are mostly rectangular with thick straps. Sometimes they’re available in solid colours but are also available with patterns on them. It usually fits perfect with all kinds of clothes. So when in doubt, always choose a handbag.
  2. Clutch: Clutch is a saviour when you’re wearing an elaborate dress and want to carry a light bag. Clutches are small, compact bag which you can just hold in your hands. They don’t have straps. It’s ideal for carrying very small things like cards, keys, and phone. You can carry a clutch when you’re going for a party. It goes really well with dresses.
  3. Sling bags: Sling bags are smaller version of handbags with longer straps so that it can be worn across the shoulder. It gives a very cool statement and can carry three to four items in it. It usually has a lot of pouches and has a flap over it. It goes well with t-shirt skinny jeans and sneakers.
  4. Tote bags: Tote bags have greater dimensions in length and it is extremely spacious. Women usually carry it when they’re going for shopping. They have smaller straps as the size of the bag is more but it’s extremely sturdy and can carry heavy things.
  5. Drawstring bags: These bags give a very geeky appearance. These are used by both men and women. It is usually used when going to school or college or going for a trek.  The straps are to be worn on both the shoulders, hence it feels very comfortable to carry it. There are no zips on the bag instead they have drawstrings. They are usually made up of strong waterproof material and is extremely spacious. You can use that bag when you’re wearing shirt and jeans. Pair it with glasses to complete the look.

Although these five bags are a must have, there are other type of bags too which are extremely popular like duffle bags, bowler bag, phone bag, saddle bags etc. All these bags have unique features and enhances the beauty of your outfit by manifolds. Before purchasing any bag, make sure their zips are smooth and straps are strong.  Sometimes interchanging bags with the same outfit can also give a completely different look.